Damn this was just fun!

Men of Smithfield: Sam and Aaron - L.B. Gregg

Aaron and Sam was a fun, funny, sexy read. I loved this story it was just what I needed. I probably smiled or laughed my way through at least 75% of the book and really who doesn't like a book that is just pure enjoyment from start to finish.


I've enjoyed all of the books in this series and while it has been a while since Ms Gregg released anything new for the Men of Smithfield, this one was worth the wait. Aaron and Sam were not the only likeable characters in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed Sam's sister Wynne and their friend Claire along with the rest of the date night night cooking class. Of course we also had a visit from some familiar characters as well, the town sheriff, Tony Gervase, showed up once or three times when Sam least appreciated it and I most enjoyed it. Adam was there to offer support when needed and let us not forget the sex...it was steamy sometimes you could almost say it was a near religious experience.


I certainly hope this isn't the last visit I get to make to Smithfield but just a reminder of what a fun place it is to go to.