So this is how we ended up with 4 stars.

Forever Yours Faithfully - Sara York

Well this one was a surprise and left me in a bit of a quandary. While I only gave the overall book a 3 star rating. I feel obligated to give the ending 5 stars because any story that can leave me as emotional at the end as this one did deserves 5 stars somewhere along the way and to me it was definitely the last few pages that earned those 2 extra stars, holy crap! I mean really, I absolutely did not expect it to grab me that hard.


'Forever Yours, Faithfully' is not a sunshine and roses kind of book and I don't mind that. Life is frequently messy and heartbreaking so I like it when there's a bit of that in my books it gives them a dose of reality and makes things more believable for me. This story did have a had a metric shit-ton!!! To the point where I was starting to feel like maybe even I'd found my limit on how much angst I could handle in any one story. 


I started reading this book at 5 in the morning and  somehow along with my daily real world obligations I managed to finish this before 8 p.m. last night. Now you would think that any reasonably intelligent person would have come to the realization that they were a little more emotionally invested in this book than normal given that I couldn't seem to really put it down...not me, I read on oblivious to it, my stomach tied in knots over the events transpiring between the e-pages. My brain raging against how fate seemed to be conspiring against our MC's, I needed to know dammit, I couldn't stop, I was halfway through supper when I realized I was still reading (something I never do because this is when hubby and I catch up on each other's day) I forced myself to put my book down as my patient other half smiled with tolerance at me and we chatted. Dinner dishes were cleared in record time and he went off to watch the news and I returned to Randy and Greg's story.


In the end I vacated the house for the sanctity and silence of our back yard. Also I needed some sunshine to lift my spirits things were just getting too depressing, I mean really what the hell else could go wrong for these two men? 


And this is where I leave you this is where I don't tell you if things went horribly wrong or wonderfully right.


What? Really how dare I? Well you see I long ago discovered that if I know the ending of a book to some degree it always spoils it for me. I'm never as emotionally distraught as the author wanted me to be or as over the moon with joy for the Happily Ever After that our heroes so richly deserved and because the ending of this book was for me the absolute best part I refuse to spoil it for others. So you'll have to wonder, did I go back into my house smiling and laughing because finally these two men found the HEA they so richly deserved or was I crying and raging because Karma had once again been a bitch to them...or you could read the book and decide for yourself.


And this is how 'Forever Yours, Faithfully' got a 4 star rating from me. 3 stars for the bulk of the book and 5 stars for an ending that totally blew me away. Split the difference and you have 4 stars. Happy reading...or....not?