It only takes an instant for a world to change...

Because of Jade (Vasquez & James Series) - Lou Sylvre

'Because of Jade' is a heartbreaking example of how it only takes an instant for someone's world to change. Just one instant for a little girl to become an orphan, for two men to become parents, for bitterness and hate to lash out and try to destroy what love is building, for strength and courage to fight back...because of Jade.


"Little girl that I love" is probably my new favourite term of endearment, every time Luki said this to Jade, my heart melted to picture this big, tough, scary kick-ass man looking at a little 5 year old girl and simply saying "...little girl that I love." and knowing how much he meant it...yeah, I melted a million times over.


I love this series because of the underlying message of love  and hope that always seems to lie at the heart of every story. Luki and Sonny are so adorable and sexy and just head over heals in love. They're perfect, not in that they never do anything wrong, sickly sweet no one could ever hope to live up to them way. No to me they're perfect in that they balance each other, they love each other and give each other strength, they work well together and they understand how to forgive each other when one of them screws up because let's face it we're all human and we all make mistakes eventually. 


I know I was having concerns part way through the book that I just wasn't going to be as happy with this one as previous books but I should have known better, Ms Sylvre did not disappoint and I was left feeling very happy to have visited the world of Vasquez & James once again.