I'm in love...again!

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux

I adore Nick, he's fantastic. Irish, strong, loyal, man of his word, dependable, has a dangerous edge to him. Yeah, he's hot! But I love Kelly, he's just...well...he's Kelly and for whatever reason he just pushes all my happy, hot buttons. But in all honestly what I really, really, really love is Nick & Kelly together. They're good, no...together they are excellent.


I honestly didn't believe I would like this series as much as 'Cut & Run', I mean really how can anything possibly compare to Ty & Zane? Well it doesn't and it doesn't take away from how much I love the original series. But it stands alone as it's own unique series that got it's start from 'Cut & Run', which really isn't a bad thing at all is it?


I enjoyed this story I liked the action and had a really hard time putting it down to take care of real life responsibilities, which I think shows in the fact that I finished it in one day.


So yes, at the end of the day (and book) I am totally a fan of Nick & Kelly. I look forward to more adventure with them and if Ty & Zane show up from time to time...who am I to complain.