Once again Vic & Jacob deliver the goods...

Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price

Reading a Psy-Cop book can be predictable, but only in the best way possible. The predictability is in knowing that your going to get an incredible story. This series is without fail one of my favourites. Victor is so flawed, but hell with the upbringing he's had, it's amazing that he turned out as normal as he did and Jacob, well Jacob is his knight in shining armour.


I love the interaction between these two and the characters they are surrounded with, but I have to admit one of my favourite things about this series is that things never get stale. There's always something changing, something in flux for one or more of the characters. Just like in real life.


Jordan Castillo-Price has her own brand of storytelling that sets her apart from many other authors in it's uniqueness. It frequently looks at the darker, grittier side of life and human nature but often does so with a sense of irony and humour that makes things palatable. I look forward to spending more time with Vic and Jacob to seeing how they grow and evolve as partners and as individuals and hopefully to seeing where she takes things with some of the other personalities in her stories. People like Crash, who seems to be going through some of his own major life changes right now. Bly is a new and interesting character that I hope we'll see more of, Lisa and Con, Laura Kim and was that really Stefan creeping around the fringes...oh do tell what more is the evil ex up to? Yes just like real life some things don't always get neatly wrapped up in a package with a bow, but on the upside with an ending like this you can't help but believe that there's more to come. And really how can more Vic and Jacob be a bad thing ever?