It's Wick, really need I say more?

Wicked Winds -  Havan Fellows

'Wicked Winds' felt like a quick stop over to check in on Ned and Wick. Now if you've read my reviews for the Pulp Friction series than you know I adore Wick. We're talking seriously adore this character. He is hard-core badass, but also unflinchingly loyal and when he does something he goes full tilt. Whether he hates your or he loves you there's no mistaking how Wick feels about things.


So needless to say when I discovered there was a new story about Wick, I was quick with the credit card and Wick was mine. Was it as long as I would have, but I'm not sure that any story about Wick is ever going to be long enough to make me happy. What did make me happy though was the ending or should I say the possibilities that the ending left for there to be more...yes, more Wick, more Ned and Wick. After all there can never be enough Wicked Templeton in my world.


And in case your wondering, yes I am purring like a happy kitten right now.