Oops, I slipped out of order...

Kismet and Cartwheels (Willow Springs Ranch) - Laura Harner

'Kismet and Cartwheels' was a slip into the world of Pulp Friction 2014 for me. I'm normally really good about reading my series in order and so far I have not ventured into this series I am diligently collecting the books so I can have a Pulp Friction marathon when this years series is done. 


Having said all that, I enjoyed this brief glimpse at these new characters and am looking forward to reading the full series.


While I'm not sure I had all the details on this one at the same time I easily followed the gist of the story and enjoyed the glimpse it offered me of what I can look forward to.


I loved last years Pulp Friction series and just didn't think it would be possible for these four authors to create a cast of characters that would be as fascinating as they were, but now I'm not so sure and I'm anticipating finding out and hopefully discovering how wonderfully wrong I was.


One thing I do know though is nothing will top Wicked Templeton, at least not for me, but hopefully they will come close.