My plan got derailed...

The Last Thing He Needs - J.H. Knight

I was diligently working on catching up on some series that I've been reading and yes there are a few of them, but I'd fallen behind. When what should happen but my friends on GR starting posting and raving about this new book called 'The Last Thing He Needs' well I resisted valiantly for a while, truly I did and then it was just one raving review too many and I was off the rails. I had to read it. I know this was either going to be a wonderful side trip or a case of 'What the hell was I thinking?'. Fortunately for me it was the former, a wonderful side trip.


I could go on and on here about this story it was sweet, funny, heartbreaking and just so good to read. I loved it is an understatement. I highly recommend it especially to anyone who wants to read a feel good story that leaves you smiling and content at the end. 


A thank  you to my GR friends for all their wonderful reviews and updates that kept putting this book in my face because 'The Last Thing He Needs' ended up being one of the best things I could get.