While wandering back in time, I found this sweet story...

The Amethyst Cat Caper - Charlie Cochet

Remi's family has disowned him. Seems nothing he does is good enough. So he  did what every resourceful British boy does when faced with this challenge back in the early 1900's he packed up and went to New York and made a successful life for himself as an entrepreneur. 


Hawk is a Pinkerton agent. He's following  a lead, looking for a stolen artefact and the thief who stole it. What he's not looking for is a beautiful man who steals his breath away with a smile and his heart with his first look into his eyes, but sometimes what we want and what we get aren't the same things.


Remi and Hawk meet during the mid-1930s a time when discretion was key to their survival and their ability to have a relationship.


Remi & Hawk’s relationship is interwoven with Hawk’s search for the ancient Amethyst Cat statue stolen from Egypt by The Gentleman Thief.  I found it to be well done and very entertaining and while I would have preferred a longer book; it was due to how much I was enjoying the story and not because of anything that was lacking in the story itself.


I know there is one more short story to be read once I am done here and maybe, with any luck at some future date Ms Cochet will take us back in time to the New York of Remi & Hawk for more adventures with them.