I think Laura Harner broke me...

Moving Mountains -  Laura Harner

I have put off reading this book for a while now because I remember how emotionally invested I got in these characters and how devastated I was when book 1 and then book 2 left me feeling so lost because what I wanted to happen just didn't.  I even considered not reading any more because I just didn't want to shed any more tears on Remy or Jamie or Miggy or Toby, it just hurt too much and I mean really this is fiction, right? Just a story. Except it's a really, really good story, with really, really awesome characters and any author who can make me feel as strongly as I do about the characters in these books is so worth reading.


This was such an awesome read and maybe I do feel broken and a little heartsick for the MCs and all that they've been through but I also adore them and want to know where things are going next for them.


So here I am back in the thick of it and can I just say I am so damned happy I waited to read Moving Mountains because I'm already reading book 4 and I admit defeat if there's a book 5 and 6 and 7...well you get the  picture...I'll be there for all of them.


I would highly recommend this series to anyone who reads. However, I will also qualify that and say if you "MUST" have an HEA or even a HFN you may not like this. What this series offers are strong characters, interesting storylines and an emotionally charged reading experience all the things that I hope for when I read a book, whether it's emotionally heartbreaking or uplifting, hilariously funny or tear jerkingly sad depends on my mood.


The one thing that I'm always in the mood for though is an excellent read and this series is that for me. 5 stars and then some.