Would forever work for you?

Prevailing Winds -  Laura Harner

This book...this book was just so damned perfect for me. It took me on the most incredibly emotional roller coaster ride. I cried tears of heartache for Toby, for Pepper, for Remy and Jamie, Jamie's brother and his wife. There was frustration and rage, joy and sorrow. I wanted it to end and never end at the same time because part of me was afraid of what the ending would bring for these two men.


Remy and Jamie's lives have intersected time and time again throughout this incredible series and always the end has been the same for one reason or another one of them has left the other behind. Something that neither of them has truly wanted. So this time around I was determined to be prepared for that to happen. I truly spent most of this book curled up in a comfy chair, box of kleenex handy, teddy bear gripped tightly to me (or puppy when he was in need of some attention).  


Remy keeps telling us that he doesn't know how to do the relationship thing, to talk feelings and yet in the middle of this story he gives Jamie the one question that resonates through to the very end, "Would forever work for you?" 


I didn't expect that a story could be more heartbreaking than Moving Mountains had been, if you haven't read it you may not want to peek at this spoiler, 

we were left with Miggy getting fatally shot, Jamie & Remy once again parting ways and then Toby driving off to who knows where as soon as Remy returned from taking Jamie to the airport.

(show spoiler)

I was so very wrong, but there were also some very happy and hopeful moments. 


While the ending of this book feels like it is also the end of the series, I felt I had been left with something that was so wonderfully right and complete but at the same Ms Harner has left a window of opportunity open just in case Remy & Jamie decide to whisper in her ear again. 


At the end of it all Moving Mountains and Prevailing Winds were definitely two of my favourite reads this year. The only reason I haven't included Continental Divide and Oceans Apart in this list is because I didn't read them this year.


'Separate Ways' was definitely a series worth getting my box of tissue, favourite bear and curling up with.