No such what?

No Such Thing - A.M. Arthur

I'm always a little frustrated when I read a book and I don't get the connection between the story and the title. So while I really enjoyed this story, I'm left wondering 'no such thing as what?' I feel like I missed something in the story. I'm pretty sure I didn't but still the thought is there bouncing around in my brain.


Alessandro & Jamie meet when Alessandro goes into Jamie's sisters coffee shop after seeing a 'help needed' sign in the window. They begin a tentative relationship that's based on mutual attraction and Jamie's desire to make up for the parts of his life that he feels he missed out on because of his illness. Alessandro agrees to be Jamie's mentor and help in experience all the first time things that most gay young men his age have already discovered. Ale comes with a past one that's determined not to leave him alone.


Things click and before they realize it these two men begin to fall for each other and what was friendship and attraction starts to become something deeper. Something Alessandro swore he wouldn't allow himself because he wanted Jamie to be able to move on and experience all the things he'd missed out on until now. What he didn't count on was that the experiences Jamie wanted were all with him.


'No Such Thing' was a story about a young man coming of age, it was about facing your past and doing the right thing in spite of the dangers that it presented and it was about finding love even when you weren't really looking for it.


I love A.M. Arthur's stories and the wonderful characters she brings to them so much so that once I get this posted I'm off to get the next book in this series it's about a character that was introduced in this story and I liked him a lot, so I'm really looking forward to finding out more about Ezra. And on the upside Ezra's book is called 'Maybe This Time' and based on the blurb, I think I get the connection between the story and the title already so I'm feeling very optimistic about things.