Oh Happy Day! I got it this time...

Maybe This Time - A.M. Arthur

Anyone who has read my reviews will hopefully remember that one of my issues, albeit a small one, with the first book in this series was that I didn't get the connection between the book title and the story. Needless to say I get this one. It was in my opinion a very appropriate title for this book.


'No Such Thing' was the first book in this series and it was good. It laid a solid foundation for the books to come. But 'Maybe This Time' stepped up the game to a whole different level. I really liked Ezra just from the little peek that we were given of him in the first book. His life has not been good and he's built a fortress of steel around his heart to protect himself or at least he thought he had until he meets Donner. 


Donner's life hasn't been pretty or easy either, but he's had people who have loved him and given him the acceptance and support that Ezra is still looking for. Donner sees Ezra and he likes what he sees a lot. 


A.M. Arthur's story of how these two men come together and find a way to build a relationship that is loving, good and positive was a wonderful read. It was sweet & sexy with that little bit of angst that keeps me turning the pages and wanting to read more and while this part of Ezra and Donner's story was nicely wrapped up for me the icing on the cake was how beautifully she walked us into book #3 Stand By You, which is Romy's story and slated to be released on  October 20th. I am so looking forward to this. Romy showed up briefly in book one and struck me as being a sweet guy but his story really started towards the end of 'Maybe This Time' and it broke my heart and left me in tears but I have faith that in 'Stand By You' I will get to see Romy find love. Just like his friends.