Beguiled...very much so...

Beguiled - Joanna Chambers

This series is actually my first foray back into historical romance in quite a while and the world of m/m historical romance possibly ever. I have issues with historical romance (see last review, I hate being repetitive). The first book was so much better than I had expected and I really enjoyed it. But this book, this one for me was over the top.


David and Murdo are wonderful, I like them both. In some ways they are such polar opposites. This book showed us not only more of these to intriguing men, but more of the people surrounding them. David's family, Elizabeth a lovely woman who through her own admittedly foolish actions finds herself in a horrid set of circumstances, Euan who re-enters David's life after a 2 year absence and whose role in future events is crucial to their success. David's mentor Mr. Chalmers whose health is rapidly failing. So much is happening and all of these events are weaving together to create a compelling and fascinating story that I found myself reading at every given opportunity as I was taken to an ending that left me with a plethora of questions, thankfully I have book 3 to give me the answers. (Yes for those who are wondering I am already reading book 3, lol. But you already knew that didn't you?)


There is an underlying charm to this book that for me is reminiscent of fairy tales. We have two people who care very strongly about each other and want to be together but the obstacles seem insurmountable given the times. I very much enjoy being able to let my imagination loose to follow their seemingly impossible tale to its happily ever after as I would when I was a child.


I'm not sure where book #3 Enlightened will lead me but I am definitely willing to follow. I do love history and I especially love Scotland having visited Edinburgh, I am loving this chance to revisit this beautiful and historic local. But more than anything what I would love to find at the end of this journey would be more Iain Sinclair, that man deserves his own book. I am so smitten with him. If I could meet one character from this series it would be him. He is charming, humorous, totally delightful and by all accounts easy on the really, what's not to love? 


Dear author,

If there is another fairy tale in you, one more happily ever after. Please let it be for Iain and if you can...share this one with us as well ;-)