Do you remember your first love...

The Bible Boys - Dan Skinner

"Love does not make cowards.

It creates heroes."


The Bible Boys is a beautiful, incredibly sweet story about first love, about coming of age, finding yourself, finding what is good in this world and ultimately standing up for it all.


Dan Skinner is a man with an amazing ability. He tells stories. Stories that wrap themselves around you and sink into your heart burying themselves there to remind you of what has been, what is and what can be.


Matt is a young man who has spent his life growing up in a strict religious, cult like environment never knowing the simple joy of having parents who love, accept and believe in you, who put your happiness and well being above all else. I won't even pretend I liked his parents at all. I was actually what I felt was even stronger than that. I have a child and with all my heart I believe that what Matt's parents failed to give him is every child's inalienable right, unconditional love.


Caleb is a farm boy raised by loving parents a father who truly understands what it means to be a parent. A mother who somehow got lost along the way and took a path that she believed led to God and ironically was the path that led Caleb to Matt.


First love, is the most precious and beautiful love anyone can experience if they're lucky and it's right. For Matt & Caleb it was and their story was told so beautifully.  


I read this book as a buddy read with my book addict friend Sandra. This is in fact my first buddy read and what a wonderful choice it was. If I said I loved this book it could possibly give some definition to how I felt...possibly.


You made me cry again, Dan, but it's ok in the end they were the best kind...the happy kind.