Life Class where the lessons are hard...

Life Class - Scarlet Blackwell

Ryan is an incredibly beautiful young man to look at but inside he's filled with anger and confusion resulting in some bad choices and circumstances that lead him to doing whatever is necessary to get by. He does what he has too, but it doesn't mean he likes it. Ryan says he's straight.


Harley is an artist who sees not only Ryan's outer beauty but the potential that is hidden within him as well. Harley says he's bi but in a queer phase at the moment.


Together they are an explosion waiting to happen. These two men tear away at each other until finally something's got to give. But will it be Ryan's defences or Harley's desires. 


I really enjoyed this story and the heat between these two men was intense. My biggest issue was that for me the ending was just a bit to abrupt. I would have liked a little more follow through. Maybe one day there will be more to their story.