Die Hard meets Lethal Weapon meets...Mary Calmes and what an explosive mixture this makes.

All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes

I so adored this book it was fun, it was comforting and yet slightly different.


There are a lot of things reminiscent of Ms Calmes style in this book and they've been covered by other reviews so I'm going to save you the reading time here and just say if you've read Mary Calmes you know of what I speak, if you haven't well maybe you should, she's fun her characters are over the top and you are pretty much guaranteed to fall hopelessly in love with at least one of them if not more.


What really worked for me this time around was that both of our MC's were big tough U.S. Marshall's. I liked that we got two men who were physically a match for each other there was no big tough guy and his more effeminate lover instead we got Ian, the green beret/US Marshall 'straight guy' who was just a bit to possessive of his partner for the norm and his US Marshall partner, Miro the big tough admittedly gay and fashion concious partner.  I loved the interaction between these two and the fact that a lot of the time try as they might neither of them got to stay alpha for long before the other took over. For me it just worked everything went tickity boo in all the right places. 


Ms Calmes had me smiling and chuckling practically from start to finish. I had barely started reading when I looked at my husband and chuckling with glee announced 'this is like the gay version of Die Hard meets Lethal Weapon'. So imagine my joy when I finally got to the part where these two were lounging around watching 'Die Hard' I was over the moon (yes I am easily amused that way). And as if this wasn't enough we got to have Sam Kage floating around the fringe of this story showing up in all his tough guy Alpha glory to intimidate the world and of course where Sam goes can a glimpse of Jory be far behind?


Comfort food we all have it, whether it's a favourite sweater, a song, something we eat, a place we got to. It's that thing that we reach for when our world isn't quite right and we can't fix it, the familiar that helps us escape while still allowing us to stay grounded.  This is one of mine, what's yours?