Cute, very, very cute...

From the Ashes - Daisy Harris

This is going to be a bit on the short side because really there's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said by other reviews.


'From the Ashes' is a sweet, low angst love story. With 2 adorable MC's and one big slobbery dog who seems to be intimidated by small children. I liked Jesse and Tomas a lot they were cute together. While there were several issue that they had to work through both as a couple and as individuals it was done for the most part without a lot of angst and over the top drama.


My only real frustration was with Tomas who seemed to have himself firmly ensconced in the closet to Narnia.

However, when push came to shove he was there for Jesse and he stepped up to the plate and my world was good again.

(show spoiler)

This was just a really nice sweet read and I enjoyed it a lot. Enough that I am already on to book #2.