Just another bundle of cuteness...

After the Rain (Fire and Rain) - Daisy Harris

This time around we've got Henri. He's getting over a bad break-up with a douche canoe of a boyfriend but he's cute, he's feisty, he's French Canadian and we Canadians are nothing if not resilient and he's hot. Trust me, I'm Canadian, I've researched this.


We've also got Logan, he's from Texas and as we know everything's bigger and better in Texas, so we're safe assuming he's hot too, he's also sweet, adorable and just finding his way out of the closet.


Along with these two sweet men who each bring their own past history to the relationship we get to have a little more time with Jesse, Tomas and Michael. I love this type of series where you get new MC's every book or so but the characters from previous books are still floating around the fringes it gives me the new that's fun and interesting while still having the comfort of the familiar.


Henri and Logan are very different but at the heart of it all each of them is just wanting that special someone to love and it's an interesting and fun journey that leads them to each other.


For a nice, sweet, sexy, fun read this series is turning out to be a good choice and I'm on to book #3 so more Henri & Logan, more Jesse & Tomas and this time it's Michael's turn...well this one should be interesting because...well someone's a little grumpy.