Definitely more feelz going on here...

Nothing But Smoke - Daisy Harris

Michael and Nicky are an interesting couple. I really liked their story from start to finish they were different. Michael is in so many ways all about control and he's out and proud, refusing to hide in the closet for anyone. He did that once and he's never doing it again...or is he?


Nicky's got a tough row to hoe. At nearly 30 years old he's not only in the closet there's a chance the door is locked and the key has been misplaced add to that a mother who is dying and devoutly Catholic and needless to say Nicky's a little stressed out.


So what happens when these two men collide? Sparks, lots and lots of sparks...good thing Nicky's a fire-fighter. Both Nicky and Michael are forced to rethink what they want and what they'll do to get it and keep it.


I really, really liked this one, I have to say I think Nicky and Michael might be my favourite pairing so far. The angst factor was a little higher in this one, just marginally, but it was still a sweet, sexy read and there might have been a couple of tears. 

When Nicky said good-bye to his mother and confessed his feelings for Michael and that he's gay.

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So now it's on too book #4 and possibly a whole new set of people because I don't remember either of these men from previous stories but one never knows does one?