Well that's all folks...for now?

November Rain - Daisy Harris

November Rain is the end of the road for this series...for now. I don't know if Ms Harris has more planned for this series or not. I sincerely hope so.


I've enjoyed these books they've been easy reading with some really likeable characters and a good blend of the familiar and the new. This book was more new than familiar we really only saw a little bit of Henri from previous books because he works at Nordstrom's with Elias. 


The dynamics between Joe and Elias were challenging to say the least. Along with the age and cultural differences there was the whole issue of Joe being an idiot and Elias's family and let us not forget Joe's asshat Ex...wow, talk about someone with an 'I don't want you, but no one else gets to have you' syndrome. I wanted to smack him upside the head. 


I had a bit of rage with Joe for a while because I wanted him to get his head out of his butt and see what was right in front of him. In the end things resolved themselves very nicely and I was pleased with the direction that they ended up taking very sweet and yes once again these two men were very sexy.


Over all I really enjoyed this book, actually all of the books in this series and I do hope there is more to come in this series...seems to me there was a fire fighter in book 3 named Cody that seemed to be asking for his own story...mmmm...what do you say Ms Harris, got anything more to share with us about him?


Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the covers for all of these books were fantastic...simply hot, hot hot!!!!