This one is fulla' Southern charm...

The Risque Blue - Adrianna Dane

The Risque Blue was one of the most surprising books I've read in  a long time. I went into this expecting a nice little love story set in the south that would be an enjoyable read. Yep, that was my expectation.


I got a freaking awesome story that I couldn't put done. It was a short read but wow was it packed with story. Johnny Lee Paradise is the owner of a Savannah, Georgia night club called 'The Risque Blue' so YEAH!!! our title makes sense. Prieste Beaumont is the man who walks into that nightclub and turns Johnny Lee's world upside down and that's ok because Johnny Lee returns the favour, but it's not insta love...nope, nope, nope because neither of these men are interested in that in the slightest but their both willing to indulge in a little insta lust and boy do they along with some fine, fine whiskey and some good ole' southern cooking.


I was totally enchanted with the characters in this book both the living and the dead...hey come on it's Savannah of course there's going to be ghost, would you go to New Orleans and expect not to find any voodoo? And of course there's the fact that Savannah is the setting for this story so it starts off with serious brownie points in my world. I love the south and seriously hope to go there one day but for now I have to be content with reading about it in books, thank god for books.


As well as what is going on between Johnny Lee and Prieste there are some other secondary plot lines that help to keep this story interesting and definitely worth reading. There's Cristella, Johnny Lee's friend and the singer at The Risque Blue she's got secrets of her own and a deck of tarot cards that are definitely x-rated, there's the piano player Leon who's just waiting for Cristella to see what's already in front of her eyes, there's the old man at the theatre who seems to know more about Prieste than a stranger should and then there's the half-sister that Prieste has never met and can't stop wondering about rumour has it she's somewhere in Savannah. 


Could this book have been longer...well of course it could, I mean all good books need to be longer right? Should it have been...mmm...I don't know...I just know I really loved what was there.