Just a couple of good ole' boys...

Down By The River - BA Tortuga, Rob Knight

I've had this book floating around for a while now and when I came across it for the umpteenth time the other day my brain said "Yes, it's time." I like me some good ole' boys from time to time and in my mind B.A. Tortuga writes some of the best. I loved 'Terms of Release'  and 'Old Town New', her 'Road Trip' series and one of my absolute favorites her 'Stormy Weather' series those boys were seriously HOT!!! and let us not forget 'The Long Road Home', 'Just Like In the Movies' or 'Working Jerusalem' and 'Mud on the Tires'. Anyways, you get the picture I've read a few of this authors books and I enjoyed them tremendously. Rob Knight is the other author of this story and while I've only read their book 'Touching Evil' I did really enjoy it (4 stars).   Unfortunately, this one didn't work out quite as well for me. 


Grant and Phillip or Tater and Shine as they sometimes referred to each other had some incredibly hot sex...ok they had a lot of it, so much so that I wondered how it was possible for anything else to happen and there was some serious stuff going down here, these men had business to take care of. But without fail every time that you would think they'd be getting on with things they'd be at it again, in a way I understood the intensity of what they were feeling for each other. These were two men who had been childhood friends and they'd always had feelings for each other, strong feelings that they'd been to afraid to admit to but now here they are grown men brought back together by a common problem and both of them realizing they'd walked away from something that neither of them was willing to give up a second time. But still guys come on you've got to deal with this it's not going to just disappear and another go at each other isn't going to fix it.


The other things that kept this from being a good read was the whole jumping back and forth in the time line which was done in such a way that sometimes it was jarring and I didn't realize we'd made the leap until halfway through the events that were being remembered and the lack of safe sex, I mean really they haven't seen each other in years and they've both been sexually active and hey what the hell who needs condoms or lube...apparently.  


Probably one of the worst things for me was that this had the potential to be a really good story had it been dealt with by something other than sex and more sex. I kept hoping for the plot to fill out for these to men to man up and find a way out of their predicament other than sex and more sex but alas this was not to be and when I got to the last 10% or so I gave up hope and apparently so did our MC's.  

Much to my disappointment they simply ran away. Yep, just left everything and walked away. This is not what I would have expected from two such strong alpha males. I was not impressed.

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As much as I wanted this book to be a fun, interesting read it just wasn't, but that's the way it goes...you win some you lose some. Down by the River got 2.5 stars from me because there were some good moments...besides the sex and yeah, then there was that and damn it was good. I know I enjoyed it, also I still love me some good ole' boys from time to time so I'm going to have to go check out Ms Tortuga's latest offering 'Say Something' and I'll get back to you on that one somewhere down the road.