This one had me stumped...

Cover Up - K.C. Burn

I think I gave this book 3.5 stars just because I'm just not sure what to think and I don't remember the last time a book stumped me like this. The first part of this book frustrated the hell out of me because it just seemed like there was a lot of whining going on by both of the MC's granted Ivan had reason given his circumstances. I felt bad for the guy and Parker it turned out had more reasons than he knew. But for me it was getting to the point where they were losing any empathy I had for them. Once the plot started to move again I was able to get back on board with the story.


What didn't change from start to finish was the level of naivety that was exhibited by Parker, at times it was cute but at other times it was just excruciatingly painful and if he had been standing beside me I would have smacked him and told him to give his head a shake.


Ivan for most of the book was a bit of a hot mess but by the end the  reasons for this were clear and his behaviour made to speak. Then there was Neil, Parker's so called best friend if Ivan was a hot mess Neil was just a train wreck, start to finish I disliked him intensely. It was clear from almost the beginning of this book who the bad guy was, however (and this is a good thing), at the end when all the puzzle pieces were in place it was also clear that there was more than one bad guy with motives that totally surprised me.


Now the rest of the good stuff well for one thing I love the covers on these books not the naked male torsos...although they are nice, no the part I really like is the Toronto skyline.  Hey! I'm Canadian I know the CN tower when I see it and I've been to Toronto a few times so it's just cool to see it on a book cover and be able to think "I've been there." And of course there was the chance to have a peek at Kurt and Davy...oh and let us not forget about Ricky.  I liked him in book #1 and it was fun to see a little more of him here but I'm really looking forward to book #3 and finding out even more about him and Kurt's brother Ian. 


So when all is said and done, while I admittedly had some frustrations with this book at the end of it. I guess I liked it. Not an epic '"OhmygodthisisthebestbookI'veeverread!!!" but I did like it and I'm not sorry I read it. To be honest I'me hoping Ivan and Parker turn up in the next book so that we can see where they're at in their fledgling relationship, I've got my fingers crossed for them.