Definitely the best of the bunch...

Cast Off - K.C. Burn
  • I truly loved this book. It was by far the best one in this series. Ricky was every bit as wonderful as I thought he would be and Ian...oh, my god!!! Ian was adorable. Together these two were just awesome.


Ricky doesn't do relationships and Ian is just starting to find his way out of the closet. Yet somehow these two men seem to muddle through finding each other and discovering that more than anything they want to be together. But the obstacles are numerous and at times seem insurmountable. They are friends, ex-boyfriends, stalkers, tabloids, a large Irish family that just seems to always see what you don't want to when you're trying to hide your feelings, a past that would have crushed a lesser person, so many obstacles and yet it's some of those same  obstacles that help these men work through their problems.


Once again I got my comfort food of having familiar characters from the first two books present. Kurt and Davey were around, we got a peek at Ivan and Parker and most of the O'Donnell family after all there was a wedding and an birthday.


This book has definitely put me back on track with this series and if K.C. Burns has more planned then I am on board to read them. I loved this book, that is all, the end!